Locals take the riders out to a secret lagoon.

Derek is a local rider here in Hawaii. He wanted to treat our guest riders to something special. He asked if off-roading something people might be interested in. Of course! Especially because Derek has access to a restricted area on the north shore called Kaena point. Only a few people had official access to this location and Derek is lucky enough to be one of them.

Everyone thought is was a great idea and an 'out of the ordinary' adventure to the traditional hike or beach excursion. The next item of business was to decide what vehicle to take. The Hummer or the Scout. The Scout is a 1970s Classic off-road vehicle. So that was the obvious choice.

We loaded up the Scout and we had a pretty good crew too. Adam Kun and Anna Bottyan from Hungary, Nelson Kuo and myself from Los Angeles, and Captain Derek Takemoto! We got to the restricted area and Derek had the combination to the gate, let the Scout in, and the roller coaster began.

That Scout bumped up and down hills, swaying left and right. Nelson was holding on for dear life. I was just trying to keep the camera stable. The scout bounced along the had our snorkel gear on hand. There were all sorts of cool creatures and coral under there. We chilled out in the tide pools until it was time to head back home. On the way home, the crew exhausted, but still vibing out from the adventure, fought to keep their eye open as Derek blasted Reggae tunes all the way back home.


TEXT: Bobby K. Carter
PHOTOS: Bobby K. Carter
VIDEOS: Producer, Director, & Editor – Bobby K. Carter Camera – Bobby K. Carter, Nelson Kuo Music – Odesza – Koto