Seems like no matter where you are on the island you're going to find a riding spot nearby. I guess the city planners decided that every neighborhood needed tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts. Flatmansion was in Hawaii Kai, and about 3 blocks down the street we peeped a park with some courts. To our delight, the courts were fast. Immediately a session was provoked. This was the first session of the trip and it was great to see all the styles from different riders.

I hadn't seen Erin Donato for years. Watching her style brought back a sense of nostalgia from the early 2000's as she flowed through super hard links and techniques lost in time. Of course Pedro Melo, featured in this picture, was going through his past albums and suprising everyone with previously unreleased tracks. It was great to see all these DIFFERENT styles all in one place at the same time. Share the Aloha!