Introducing the next generation to the lifestyle. It's time to live!

THE RISE OF THE KEIKI Keiki means “the little one” or “kid” in the Hawaiian language. Aloha jam was all about the kids this time around. After all, BMX is a lifestyle of having fun with friends and exploration. Introducing the keikis to this lifestyle is important if we want this whole BMX thing to continue and evolve. Kids are the future! It was awesome having legendary riders like Armin Batoumeni come out from France and introduce the kids to BMX. All week they were learning and really getting familiar with the magic of flatland. Not only were they learning tricks, but they were also learning how to be explorers in life. They got to explore many places including the reef around an under water volcano at Kaneohe Sandbar. Venturing out and experiencing new worlds is a major key in life and puts us in a mindset to learn and create new ideas. This is the mindset that moves the world forward. This is BMX! Thanks to the sponsors Sampa BMX, igi BMX, Bike Factory, Quest BMX, and Flatland Fuel, the kids also had a chance to get some new parts. We had some games and the kids ended up rolling dice for their future bikes! The grand prize was a Mateus Beckmann frame from Sampa BMX. We had the bottle toss to see who got the frame. We went all the way around and nobody had landed it. The Bottle was flipped successfully before the game started, so it was proven flippable. Skills seemed to be lacking all around. I thought it was going to be a long game since no one was even close. We finally got to the last person in the line up, our boy, DeeJay. He shut ‘em all down with a perfect flip. Congratulations to DeeJay and all the kids out there. Everyone was able to take home some of the aloha magic and I’m sure it will live with them for years to come!

TEXT: Bobby K. Carter
PHOTOS: Bobby K. Carter Adam Jung Lindsey Bode
VIDEOS: Producer, Director, & Editor – Bobby K. Carter Camera – Bobby K. Carter, Derek Takemoto, Lindsey Bode Music – Odesza – Koto