Bringing back the lifestyle to BMX.
It's time to live!

Back in 2012, I wanted to go to Hawaii, but I was trying to decide when I should go. A couple days later, randomly I got a message from J. Dub, saying he was in Borneo and was heading back home and found a cheap ticket through Hawaii. He was wondering if he should go and if it was good. I was like, dude, "I'm trying to go to Hawaii too. let's go!"

So it was set, I also decided to call up Scott P. and he was down. So we had a little crew going to Hawaii. The flatland constellations started aligning and some how Jesse P. was supposed to go to island of Maui at the same time that we were supposed to be going to Oahu. The ticket was misbooked somehow and he ended up on Oahu!

Now were straight mobbin' through Hawaii. For about about a week we rode and went on adventures everyday. It was a magical experience and everyone had fun. Hiking to waterfalls, exploring the best beaches in the world and of course, riding BMX together and with the local riders.The trip made such lasting impression on me that I decided to recreate the experience for more riders around the globe and Aloha Jam was born. Check out the latest adventures below!